01.03.2024 | News

Evitec is now Evitec Solutions

The name supports company’s strategic journey and ambitions.

The new name Evitec Solutions not only support our strategic goals for product and service sales but also sets us apart more effectively from international competitors by conveying a clearer message of what we offer to our customers.

– We announced our new strategy at the end of 2023 and this is a natural continuation of the implementation journey. Together with the name change we also updated our product names. The change does not affect on our customers, we continue to provide unique business value through solutions we provide to them. I am excited about the future and look forward to continuing to work closely with our current and new customers as their long-term partner when they modernize the solutions to be future proof, says CEO Mikko Pilkama.

Contact information

E-mail addresses (firstname.lastname@evitec.com), our company’s business ID and billing information will remain unchanged. 

18.01.2024 | Featured News

Evitec Solutions attains Microsoft Solutions Partner recognition, elevating technological excellence in cloud, data and AI

Evitec Solutions, a leading IT solutions provider in the Nordic financial sector, is thrilled to announce that it has achieved the prestigious Microsoft Solutions Partner recognition in Data & AI, as well as in Digital & App Innovation, effective starting January 9th, 2024. This highlights Evitec’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions and reinforcing its position as an industry innovator.

Microsoft Solutions Partners demonstrate the highest, most specialized capability to meet customer needs across multiple systems, modernizing existing applications, and building cloud-native apps and AI solutions. Attaining Microsoft Solutions partner status is a testament to Evitec Solutions’ expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies to drive digital transformation and enhance business operations.

This elevated status is a result of Evitec Solutions’ continuous dedication to technical proficiency, and the ability to meet the evolving needs of its customers in the financial sector.

Mikko Pilkama, CEO of Evitec Solutions, is enthusiastic about this achievement: 

— Earning Microsoft Solutions partner recognition reflects our commitment to providing innovations in finance to our customers. This recognition not only validates our technical expertise but also strengthens Evitec Solutions’ position as a strategic partner for the Nordic banks and insurance companies seeking innovation and efficiency through SaaS business model and cloud-based solutions, combined with AI and human insight. 

Evitec remains dedicated to creating inspiring innovations in finance. The Microsoft Solutions Partnership further strengthens Evitec Solutions’ ability to deliver seamless, user-friendly, and accessible digital solutions to the largest financial sector institutions in the Nordics.

13.11.2023 | Featured News

Evitec Solutions announces cloud strategy: “Inspiring innovations in finance.”

Evitec Solutions has today announced its refreshed strategy focusing on working alongside customers as a trusted partner to enable their digital transformation journey and transition to the cloud.

– The Evitec group has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. It’s essential in this kind of business where customers expect us to deliver seamless, user-friendly and accessible digital solutions. We need to meet these expectations by combining our business and technological expertise with the latest cloud-based technologies and SaaS business model, states Evitec Solutions’ CEO Mikko Pilkama.

– Our customers are moving their solutions to the cloud while having to maintain their focus on regulatory and ESG changes in the coming years. We are moving into an era where a SaaS business model option is a must for even the biggest financial institutions while they are planning to optimate the number of vendors due to these regulatory changes. Evitec Solutions aims to build on this by investing more resources into productizing our offering as well as attracting and developing the best talent in the fintech industry, Pilkama continues.

Finland, Nordics and Europe

Evitec Solutions’ customers are the largest financial sector institutions in Finland and Sweden. Evitec’s aim is to serve them through the technical solution modernisation for optimal efficiency and ability to bring out new services to the market.

– Some of our offerings, like the covered bonds solution, have great potential also outside the Nordics, states Pilkama.

Evitec Solutions’ mission and vision

The company’s mission is to modernise its customers’ businesses by combining technology with human insight, with the vision “Inspiring innovations in finance”.

Evitec Solutions’ unique strengths describe how we create value for our current and future customers. By having deep understanding of our customers’ business as well as the local regulatory environment, our offerings combine both products and services to provide a unique value proposition to customers as their long-term trusted partner.

Evitec Solutions’ values underline our status as a trusted partner in the financial sector: from person to person, passion and curiosity to learn, joy and desire to help.

– We’re at the start of our next chapter of the Evitec Solutions journey. We have a great potential to combine the technical and business acumen with our productized solutions to provide unique business value to our customers, both for existing and new ones. I am excited about the future and look forward to continue to work closely with our customers as they modernise their digital solutions, ends Pilkama.

For further information, please contact:
Evitec Solutions, CEO Mikko Pilkama, Tel. +358 9 681 731

Evitec Solutions is a Nordic expert in software solutions and consultation services for the finance sector. Analytics and data management services are available across multiple sectors. We are a bold innovator and a challenger. Our expertise stems from the deep and long-standing cooperation with our customers for over 30 years. We have offices in Espoo, Tampere, Pori, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Tallinn and Stockholm. The number of employees is over 300.

01.09.2023 | Featured Finance News

Evitec Covered Bonds 2.0 released – major technology upgrade now available

Evitec announces the availability of Evitec Covered Bonds Release 2.0. With major technology upgrade, new features, and improvements, covered bonds issuers and institutions using Evitec Covered Bonds stay up to date in terms of legislation, regulations, and reporting requirements.

New features include:

  • issuance process module 
  • potential search module 
  • design tool module 
  • support for green pools and bonds 
  • improved criteria engine 
  • more extensive pool data archive 
  • modern cloud-based architecture 
  • enhanced security features 

With new features in place, institutions engaged in mortgage banking lessen their operational risk and ensure new requirements, EU directives and regulations are always met.

— We now have 6 out of 10 banks in Finland as our customers, so it’s only natural that we now set our sights towards rest of Europe, says Head of International Business Development, Tino Silfver.

— As the finance industry is going through a cloud transition, the new version of our market-leading Covered Bonds solution will give years of cost-efficient, agile operation, says Head of products Janne Takala.

Evitec Covered Bonds automates reporting and other crucial processes. Solution can also be used by covered bonds issuers in their transition towards greener future. Evitec Covered Bonds makes available reporting dashboards that provide information how green a bond pool is based on chosen framework. In the future, information about sustainable bonds will be made available.

Evitec attends European Covered Bonds Council 33rd Plenary meeting in Munich on 13th September.

See also our Customer stories.

Have a question?

For more information please contact:

Tino Silfver

Financial & Industry Solutions

+358 40 828 9963

15.08.2023 | News

Tivi 250 list published – Evitec ranked 14th in success points

Tietoviikko has again published its yearly report on Finland’s 250 largest ICT companies.

Evitec ranks number 14 in terms of success points (success points measure how successful the company is compared to its competitors). In terms of revenue, Evitec was ranked number 118 (last year #120).

– Being among the most successful companies in ICT shows that we’ve been able to serve our customers very well in their business-critical projects. In this kind of market situation, I’m very happy of our strong positioning, states Evitec’s CEO Mikko Pilkama.

More information on Tietoviikko’s website.

20.06.2023 | Featured News

Evitec publishes Sustainability Report 2022

Evitec’s Sustainability Report of 2022 is now published. The report includes statements of commitment from our CSO, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, reflection on our Sustainability Values, our EcoVadis score and action plan, and details about our Sustainability Journey from the time period of 2022.

As the world around us turns and evolves, we strive to be a part of the positive change, or the Sustainability Revolution, as we like to refer to it. Our Sustainability Report serves as a testament to us constantly working toward a smarter, stronger, and more sustainable tomorrow.

As our CEO, Mikko Pilkama, states in his commitment letter:

— There is no better moment than this to start building a more sustainable, and a more prosperous world for all of us.

Read more about our sustainability work and motivation in the newly published report.

14.06.2023 | Featured News

Evitec’s journey towards ISO 27001 certification: raising the bar of information security

Evitec is on its journey to achieve the Information Security Management System certification in compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022* standard. Target is to obtain the certification during H1 of 2024.

Purpose with the ISO 27001 standard is to enhance the overall security posture as well as provide the company a 3rd party assurance of how information security is governed. In the financial sector, where security and bank secrecy have always been paramount, coupled with GDPR requirements for personal data protection, the importance of information security is well recognized.

– We can see EU (EU’s Digital decade**) putting pressure on this matter together with directives and initiatives such as DORA and NIS2. The eyes are directed towards the critical industries, and after that towards operators’ such as us. We need to meet these demands, and ISO 27001 standard is a good and straightforward way to do it. Moreover, the certification helps us to demonstrate our commitment to customers and stakeholders, states Harri Inkinen SVP, Information Security in Evitec.

Identify risks, and then treat them

The ISO 27001 is a standard, that defines the requirements for an information security management system. The challenge lies in determining the most optimal approach to meet those requirements.

– In practice, we estimate the company’s intellectual property as well as customers’ data we want to keep safe and available, what the possible threats and risks are, and then adopt appropriate measures to manage or minimize these risks, adds Inkinen.

Complying with an ISO standard is a process that requires continuous actions from the company.

Inkinen clarifies: – Risk management is a collective responsibility. With this I refer to the fact that every piece of our intellectual property has an owner, and owners should be able to constantly identify and report threats. ISO 27001 is a risk-based standard; what should be accepted and what should be mitigated. When that is acknowledged, we have a foundation to build on.

Looking ahead to 2024

The target is to obtain ISO 27001 certification during H1 of 2024. Prior that there will be external audits conducted by accredited auditors.

– Ultimately, putting effort in information security keeps us safe, of course, but it also makes us more trustworthy partner in the markets, opening up new exciting opportunities, concludes Inkinen.

*) ISO 27001 is an information security standard created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

**) More information: Europe’s Digital Decade

16.05.2023 | Featured News

Mikko Pilkama appointed new CEO of Evitec, with Ilkka Starck joining the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Evitec has appointed Mikko Pilkama, MSc (Econ), as the new CEO of the Evitec Group (Evitec). Pilkama will take on his new role 1 June.

Prior to joining Evitec, Mikko was the CEO of Finnish publicly listed Heeros Oyj, and before that he has held several senior executive positions in the fintech industry, such as Basware, CGI and Nets. He has a proven record of driving growth and innovation, and the Board of Directors is confident in his ability to lead Evitec to continued success.

— I am excited and honoured to join a leading Nordic fintech champion to provide core products and services to both banks and insurers. It’s a great combination of mission-critical products, deep international competence, committed owners, and robust financials, states Mikko Pilkama.

Ilkka Starck transitions to the position of being a member of the board of Evitec after a successful tenure of 13 years as the CEO of the company. Ilkka joined in 2010 and has been instrumental in the growth and success of the company and will now explore new opportunities to utilise his skills and expertise.

— I want to thank Evitec’s management team, personnel, board, and majority shareholders Volpi Capital for their support during the past years and look forward to continuing as a member of the Board, says Ilkka Starck. A potential change of CEO has been part of our long-term planning and the business is thus well prepared for this.

Evitec’s Chairman of the Board, Niklas Midby, thanks him for his contributions as CEO and welcomes him to the Board. Under Ilkka’s leadership we have achieved remarkable milestones, including good profitability and several successful add-on acquisitions. Mikko brings with him a wealth of additional international and products/SaaS business experience, skills and expertise that will undoubtedly benefit the company in the next phase.

Mikko Pilkama will assume responsibility as CEO starting June 1st, 2023.

About Evitec

Evitec provides system solutions and consulting services to the financial industry. It also offers analytics and information management services across multiple industries. Founded in 1992, Evitec has offices in Espoo, Tampere, Pori, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Tallinn, and Stockholm. The number of employees is 350 and the annual turnover 37 M€ in 2022.

Together with its management, Evitec is owned by Volpi Capital – a specialist, Northern European lower middle-market investment firm, focused on B2B tech-enabled sectors. Volpi Capital is experienced in international expansion and buy-and-build, driving sustainable and profitable growth.

For more information, please contact:

Evitec, Head of Communications, Harri Inkinen, tel. +358 9 681 731

03.05.2023 | Featured News

Evitec joins United Nations Global Compact

Evitec has been accepted to join the United Nations Global Compact (later UN GC).

By being a UN GC participant, we commit to acting responsibly and aligning our strategies and operations with the UN’s  Ten Principles  on human rights, labour, environment  and  anti-corruption. Additionally, we commit to striving towards reaching the  UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UN GC is the world’s largest sustainability compact  and has over 21,000 participants ranging from companies to other organizations to countries. The UN GC accepts commitments from companies which act responsibly towards people and the planet. In the application process we committed to setting ambitious goals and reporting on our progress annually.

The aim of the UN GC is to  mobilize a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to create a more equal, transparent, and prosperous world, while caring for the environment.

Our aim at Evitec is to modernise Nordic banks and insurance companies through automation, agile methods, analytics, and cloud computing. We believe that this modernisation will lead the way to a sustainable future.

Read more about our sustainability work.

See our profile at the United Nations Global Compact portal.

18.04.2023 | Featured News

Evitec Group reports steady growth in the fiscal year 2022 

Evitec Group’s financial statement for fiscal year 2022 has been confirmed. Revenue was 37 million euros and grew with 12%, compared to the previous year (2021: 33M eur).

– 2022 reminded us again how quickly the market and business can change. Despite of the uncertain geopolitical situation we were able to deliver a decent outcome which included a successful acquisition in Sweden as well as carrying out a brand renewal process across the Nordics. What we need to keep doing during these unprecedented times, is to serve our customers excellently and maintain the mutual trust, states CEO Ilkka Starck.

Evitec’s headcount has increased from 304 to 330. Outlook for the year 2023 is solid but uncertainty in the market remains.

– We need to be cautious and follow the market development closely while executing our growth strategy, ends Starck.

For further  information  please contact: 
Evitec, CEO Ilkka Starck, Phone. +358 9 681 731