Evitec Solutions Life Risk

Evitec Solutions Life Risk (ES Life Risk) is a complete and flexible policy management solution which easily adapts to changing business requirements and needs. Policy sales and lifecycle management are at the very core of our system with modern abilities to automate and integrate business processes and support the digitalization strategies.

ES Life Risk is the solution for insurers looking for increased business effectivity in management of personal life risk products. 

ES Life Risk supports the insurers digitalization agenda with modern API technology and service integrations. 

Parametric product definitions, flexible business, and underwriting rules together with inbuilt premium calculation offer a solid base for agile management of daily workflows.

Our Nordic presence and strong EU and local national regulatory understanding and compliance is a valuable asset today and in future collaborations. 

Combining ES Life Risk and Evitec Solutions Life Claims (ES Life Claims) enables an information flow streamlining both policy management and claims processing.


  • Effective product portfolio management enabling short time-to-market  
  • Flexible product variation for different sales channels 
  • Seamless integration with other applications and technologies 
  • Support for digitalizing customer journey 
  • Streamlined and automated business workflows 
  • Proven scalable architecture with reliable mainstream technology 
  • Possibility to run policy and claims management in one solution
  • Fully compliant with EU regulation 

Key features

  • Insurance product management with powerful inheritance and variation capabilities 
  • Flexible business and underwriting rules
  • Complete policy lifecycle management with integrations to dependent services
  • Extensive service API’s supporting digitalization and process automation
  • Premium and commission calculation
  • Invoicing and automated lapsing process with granular and detailed calculations
  • Individual, joint and group policy structures
  • Supported covers: death, critical illness, permanent disability, permanent handicap, temporary disability

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