05.06.2024 | Featured News

Evitec Solutions Life 5.2 is now live

The flexible and modular IT solution for today’s insurers

Evitec Solutions is proud to release the latest version of its innovative product – Evitec Solutions Life (ES Life) 5.2. The new software version, crafted for life insurance companies, puts the customer at the center and offers enhanced features and improvements with a seamless user experience. See our solutions.

Manage risk and savings insurance seamlessly

A groundbreaking development in ES Life 5.2 is the inclusion of risk life insurance alongside savings and pension insurance products. Now users can manage life insurance business, individual policies, and different group structures in a seamless way. This platform extension enables efficient management of both savings, pension and risk life insurance within the same solution.

New business opportunities with group risk insurances

— Our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity shines through with the release of ES Life 5.2. We proudly introduce support for group risk insurances, providing new business opportunities and growth to our customers. ES Life is available as a SaaS solution, and we see a great interest in the Nordic regions. By offering a cloud-based platform, we empower insurers to seamlessly manage policies, enhancing both efficiency and client satisfaction. This strategic move not only streamlines operations but also ensures scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness for our clients, reaffirming our dedication to their success in an increasingly digital world, says Mikko Pilkama, CEO of Evitec Solutions.

Comprehensive policy management for all insurance needs

ES Life continues to offer comprehensive policy management support with the inclusion of standard and flexible insurance coverage for e.g. death, critical illness, permanent disability, temporary disability, expense-based covers. Group policies have received special attention to simplify the maintenance of group information, and billing needs have been comprehensively integrated.

Efficient handling of claims and benefits

In the area of risk life insurance, ES Life 5.2 offers efficient handling of claims by managing lump-sum and daily benefits, as well as reimbursement of cost-based claims. Claims processing is significantly simplified by managing policies and claims in the same system, resulting in faster and more efficient processes.

Enhanced digital services for improved accessibility

The latest version of ES Life also includes continuous enhanced digital REST services to serve the sales of life insurance policies and enable the creation and modification of policy data, for example in self-service channels. This increases accessibility and flexibility for customers to interact with the system.

Security and compliance at the forefront

In addition to these improvements, ES Life 5.2 has integrated several general functional updates. The system now supports the updated punctuation of the Finnish personal identity code. Supports the identification of beneficiaries in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Directive. In addition, we have implemented notifications to the Incomes Register and made several security improvements to ensure safe and reliable use of the system.

Introducing the ES Life insurance product editor

To further facilitate the management of insurance products, we have also included the ES Life Insurance Product Editor in the toolbox. This new feature will facilitate the creation and maintenance of insurance products to meet the unique insurance product needs of customers.

An investment in customer experience and efficiency

ES Life 5.2 is more than a software upgrade, it is an investment in improving the customer experience and enabling smoother and more efficient management of life insurance portfolios for insurance companies.

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