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Would you like to develop critical projects and systems for customers and society, in a company where you can become the best that you can be? What about working with colleagues who have a positive mindset and always have your back? If your answer is “yes”, then you belong with us!

At Evitec Solutions, it’s all about people

Now, we have more than 300 Evitec experts working in seven different cities: Espoo, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Pori, Tampere, Tallinn and Stockholm. Our shared interest in digitalisation and the financial sector coupled with our positive attitude and cheerful atmosphere unites us all. Genuinely.

It all boils down to the cornerstones of our culture: support, learning, joy and working together. It’s all about people. This is evident in our daily work: help is always as close as the nearest colleague. It is also evident in the fact that each and every employee is an equally important part of the team, with a wide range of opportunities to develop and do work that makes a difference.

Positive workplace culture

From person to person

Our work is based on trust. For us, projects are first and foremost about collaboration and communication between people. We focus our expertise on our customers’ success, always, and we take a shared responsibility for it.

Passion and curiosity to learn

The key to our success is continuous improvement, both as a company and as individuals. We take on challenges boldly, encourage each other to learn and create a framework for personal professional growth.

Joy and desire to help

We foster a culture of support where the desire to help comes from the heart, not just from duty. Genuine joy for work is also transmitted to our customers and partners.

Work as a forerunner in digitalisation of the financial sector

Because we work as a team, we would like our employees to have a few characteristics to help us create an even better workplace and customer experience. We especially appreciate

  • reliability
  • a solution-driven approach to work
  • ability to take responsibility
  • enthusiasm to develop your own and the team’s expertise
  • genuine interest in supporting each other and working together

In other words, we are looking for cool people, experts, who take initiative and pitch in for the better of the entire team.

We know, we have many expectations, but know this: we are all learning. And we will offer you this: Working with us, you will become a distinguished expert, gathering impressive testimony of your work as a forerunner in digitalisation of the financial sector. We foster a culture of mutual support and sharing of information. You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn new knowledge from experienced fintech experts. How does all this sound? Are you ready to jump in?

We are looking for cool people, experts, who take initiative and pitch in for the better of the entire team.

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