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Revolutionizing finance is beyond coding – Heidi’s journey with Evitec Solutions Bonds

Heidi Vulli, IT Consultant, Customer Experience Manager

– We have an exceptional atmosphere in our working project; we help each other and share a good sense of humor, says Heidi Vulli, IT Consultant, Customer Experience Manager at Evitec.

In the vibrant world of Evitec, where technological innovation meets financial finesse, Heidi’s journey is a testament to the dynamic nature of both the company and her role. Six years ago, she stepped into Evitec as a student and, over time, seamlessly merged her academic pursuits with her professional journey. The initial task led her to a time as an IT consultant at a leading Finnish bank, focusing on collateral systems for over two years.

With the challenges of consultancy, Heidi wished for a deeper sense of team spirit. Responding to this need, she embraced the role of a project manager for one of Evitec Solutions Bonds projects. This change not only re-light her enthusiasm but also confirmed her commitment to customer-centric solutions.

Heidi’s current role has been a multifaceted one – an IT consultant, team manager, and customer experience manager rolled into one. Her journey at Evitec Solutions has been diverse – from coding to leading a Proof of Concept for sustainable and green bonds in the Swedish market, a topic of global relevance.

Heading to greener horizons

The construction sector is the largest energy-consuming sector, accounting for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of carbon dioxide emissions within the EU*. Heidi sees Evitec in an excellent position paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible financial sector. With the introduction of the groundbreaking solution – the Evitec Solutions Bonds 2.0 platform – the innovative system, equipped with a dynamic criteria for bank and automated reporting solutions, not only simplifies regulatory compliance but also lowers the investment threshold for both established and new market players. It’s a leap towards fostering a sustainable and responsible financial sector, shaping the future of finance through automated reporting solutions and firm commitment to sustainability – achieving a climate-neutral economy.

Evitec Solutions’ commitment to innovative technology is evident in their use of .NET, SQL, React, and cloud technologies like Azure and AWS – while agile methodologies streamline development, minimizing bugs and maximizing efficiency. Heidi emphasizes the importance of keeping the team on level of the latest trends, a commitment that fosters a culture of continuous learning.

The work-life balance

Heidi cherishes the complexity of her role, where each day unfolds with new challenges and opportunities for growth. Despite the diversity in projects and tasks, a common thread of business knowledge connects the team together. Far from the stereotype of developers working in isolation, Evitec Solutions’ collaborative environment is a source of pride.

– I love working with people – my colleagues, my employees, as well as my customers, Heidi says with a smile. The exceptional relationship within her project team, marked by mutual support and humor, has even drawn envy from other teams.

The work-life balance at Evitec Solutions is more than just a concept, it’s a reality lived out through different activities like pool and foosball located in the work facilities. Between the intense pace of work, these moments of short breaks serve as a reminder that success is not just about achieving goals but enjoying the journey. Heidi and her colleagues at Evitec are not just building software, they are building relationships and a workplace culture that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of fun.


Heidi Vulli, IT Consultant, Customer Experience Manager

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