Evitec Covered Bonds

Evitec Covered Bonds is a core system for cover pool management. Evitec Covered Bonds provides all the core functionalities needed for cover pool management in covered bond business – including automatic and optimized pooling of mortgage loans for issuing and managing covered bonds and an automated credit rating agency, regulatory and business reporting, and analytics.

Evitec Covered Bonds is a core system for a bank issuing covered bonds or for a mortgage loan lender planning to issue covered bonds.

The solution is compatible with the European market; it is compliant with regulatory requirements in the EU area.

The productized solution includes everything from feasibility analysis to the stabilization phase and can be deployed in a cost and time effective way. Our experience covers also applying for a covered bond issuance license. Currently, the Evitec Covered Bonds solution handles almost 50 % of the Finnish covered bond pooling and new issuances.


  • Optimized pooling produces a large pool for the bonds – and with better ratings – yielding more funds with lower costs
  • Credit rating reports, business and regulatory reports can be generated easily and automatically
  • Modern and cloud-based (all major cloud services platforms supported, also on-premises possible) technology can be effortlessly integrated into the core banking system
  • Managed application, always compliant with regulatory demands
  • Automated process, less manual work
  • Skilled administration team with deep understanding of covered bond business
  • Lessens customer personnel risk
  • Well established system, proven by our customers
  • Centralized solution for your business

 Key features

  • Daily automated mortgage loan & collateral pooling
  • Cash flow and loan pool quality analysis
  • Automated reports for internal and external stakeholders such as rating agencies
  • Mortgage bank license requirements are flexibly fulfilled
  • Cloud based, built to last with state-of-the-art technology components
  • Comprehensive history database of the cover pool, mortgage loans and cashflows for monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting
  • Extensive BI reporting as part of the product
  • Standard technologies: .NET Core, React, Python, SQL

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