Evitec Solutions Property & Casualty

Evitec Solutions Property & Casualty (ES P&C) is a flexible policy management solution for running the whole P&C product offering. With policy sales and lifecycle management as the core and a comprehensive set of integrations to dependent services, both personal and commercial lines are efficiently managed in one solution.

ES P&C is a solution for administering P&C insurers whole product range in a clear and efficient manner.

All product lines, property, vehicle, personal and liability insurances, can be managed under one agreement, simplifying the management of overall policy during the whole lifecycle.

A wide range of in-built supporting functions guide the user easily through workflows and help solving outstanding tasks.

Meticulously recorded product and cover details support the insurers all business departments, like customer service, underwriting, portfolio and product profitability control and reporting.


  • Single point for customer service, supporting in all policy related tasks
  • Offers and agreements are managed in one solution paves the road for efficient handling of change and upsell
  • Operational efficiency by precise guidance of outstanding tasks
  • All product lines invoiced as one
  • Business and underwriting rule validations ensure product and policy coherency
  • Seamless integration with other applications and technologies
  • Integrations for digitalizing customer journey
  • Integrations enabling co-operation with sales channels and partners

Key features

  • Policy life-cycle management with integrations to dependent services
  • Insurance product management with vast variation capabilities
  • Offers and agreements managed in separate databases but same platform
  • A rich set of automatic background validations of business and underwriting rules guiding the user’s workflow
  • Complete in-built health declaration management
  • Granular premium calculation to facilitate calculation of taxes and other authority fees
  • Invoicing, collection and automated lapsing process
  • Commission and commission share calculation for new sales, upselling and on portfolio level
  • Automated renewal process

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