Evitec Solutions Life Claims

Evitec Solutions Life Claims (ES Life Claims) is a comprehensive solution for claims management of life risk policies, covering the end-to-end process from first notice of loss, to recording the claim event, making the decision and settling the claim.

In ES Life Claims the insurer manages the end-to-end claims and settlements process for personal risk covers.

The streamlined claims management is supported by a high level of process automation and clear case management.

Integrations between policy and claims management and a rich set of validation rules supports the claim handler, increasing the accuracy of claim decisions.

When combined with Evitec Solutions Life Risk (ES Life Risk), the solutions form a complete policy lifecycle and claims management platform for life risk covers.


  • Operational efficiency with all life risk claims in one solution
  • Increased customer satisfaction with digital claim requests and automated claims handling
  • Process automation enabling the claims handler to focus on decision making
  • Uniformed claims management and customer communication
  • Detailed claims information for monitoring product and portfolio profitability and underwriting

Key features

  • Single, recurring and expense-based claim settlements
  • Automatic validation of essential cover and claim details under each step of the process
  • Rules based claims automation
  • Service API’s supporting digital services and process automation
  • Flexible management of beneficiaries and beneficiary shares
  • Bookkeeping, tax and authority reporting
  • Assisted composing and editing of content for claim decision
  • Cover and incident specific information recorded

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