Motivated by a smarter, stronger and more sustainable tomorrow.

Our aim at Evitec Solutions is to modernise Nordic banks and insurance through automation, agile methods, analytics and cloud computing. We believe that this modernisation will lead the way to a sustainable future.

We are committed to The Ten Principles of United Nations Global Compact and advancing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Economic reliability and stability

Flourishing, continuous innovation partnered with the development of our operations and services are at the core of our business and give us a competitive edge in the market. This innovation and development require a stable, reliable and transparent company economy, as well as care for financial profitability and our personnel.

Being economically viable enables us to maintain our status as an international employer of several hundred employees, to support these professionals in attaining personal and career goals and to contribute to increased societal economic prosperity. Our sustainable goals and strategy aim to promote and support sustainable businesses through partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, today and tomorrow.

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we aim to provide meaningful, fulfilling and engaging work for each and every one of them.

Social responsibility and equality

We believe that a strong and supportive working environment enables us all to enjoy, develop and excel in our daily tasks and jobs. We encourage innovation and dialogue to strengthen the working environment and social sustainability.

All our employees are treated in an equitable manner. No employee should ever be treated differently due to factors such as gender, age, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status. We extend this value to our stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers, as well.

We respect all human rights, and by acting in a socially responsible way in all our operations and by partnering with companies throughout our entire supply chain, we believe that we can create a more sustainable future.

Striving towards a carbon-neutral tomorrow

We are committed to strive towards a carbon-neutral tomorrow and environmental sustainability. To mitigate our carbon footprint, we are investigating our impact on the environment, with the aim to improve our impact for the better, constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Climate change mitigation and reducing environmental emissions are critical targets for us, and we aim to consider our environmental impact in our strategy.

As a key measure for reducing our environmental footprint, we have implemented new sustainable procurement criteria, which enable us to attain a more environmentally conscious supply chain. By working together with all suppliers and other stakeholders, we believe that we can truly improve the world around us and attain a brighter tomorrow for ourselves and all of society.

Introducing modern solutions for a more sustainable future

Digitalisation is a critical part of our business, and we believe that digitalisation and the modernisation we are driving lead to a more equitable society, resource efficiency, higher productivity and a more agile working life. Our business evolves around and accumulates toward innovation, better products and services and a more sustainable future.

We recognise that digitalisation also brings challenges with it, with data security being one of the major ones. We value stability and reliability and focus on cybersecurity and privacy throughout all our products and services.

All employees are encouraged to innovate, and we harbour an atmosphere of openness to new ideas, presented to us both internally and externally. We believe that new insight on different subjects offers growth and room for innovation.

Sustainability Report 2022

Evitec Solutions’ Sustainability Report includes statements of commitment from our CSO, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, reflection on our Sustainability Values, our EcoVadis score and action plan, and details about our Sustainability Journey from the time period of 2022.

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