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A decade of innovation – Henrika’s journey at Evitec Solutions

Henrika Hannula, Solution Architect

Join us in celebrating a decade of dedication, growth, and innovation!

— I have witnessed the company’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and fostering talent, says Henrika Hannula, Solution Architect at Evitec Solutions.

For nearly ten years, Henrika has been an integral part of Evitec Solutions, a journey that began when she was a first-year student. Evolving through the ranks from a junior consultant – where she ended up in the middle of a colossal project that consumed almost half of the entire Tampere office – to her current position as a Solution Architect, Henrika’s story reflects the rich fabric of opportunities that define the Evitec experience. Join us in celebrating a decade of dedication, growth, and innovation!

Shaping the future of banking

Henrika’s journey at Evitec has been marked by significant projects, including essential roles in two State Treasury initiatives – collateral management and loan servicing under Evitec Solutions Power Lending. This spring, she embraced a new challenge, stepping into the role of a Solution Architect for a major SaaS delivery in Power Lending, reinforcing Evitec’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions in the financial sector.

As a Solution Architect, Henrika’s daily canvas involves orchestrating the big picture. She carefully plans how customer requirements manifest technically, communicates these complexities to the developer team, and oversees the project’s cloud environments. In the realm of banking, she designs innovative solutions, acting as the vital interface between Evitec’s R&D and customer functionality requirements.

Henrika finds her role challenging yet immensely rewarding. Balancing the needs of diverse customers, she pushes the boundaries of innovation. Each new feature implemented is a step towards creating a product that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, making their work more manageable and efficient.

Pioneering AI efficiency for a sustainable tomorrow

Henrika’s perspective on the future resonates with Evitec’s commitment to innovation, such as exploring tools like GitHub Copilot, an AI-based programming tool.

— I envision a landscape where repetitive coding tasks are automated, allowing teams to focus on the customer and solving the customer issues as well as application logic, she says and continues:

—This not only enhances efficiency but aligns with Evitec’s sustainability goals – doing more with less, working smarter, and harnessing cutting-edge technology for a brighter tomorrow.

At Evitec, all employees are encouraged to innovate, participate in dialogue, and bring new insight on different subjects. This enables growth and developing better products and services leading us to a smarter, stronger and more sustainable future.

Evitec’s essence – a community of talent with togetherness

When asked about Evitec Solutions as a company, Henrika lights up with admiration, and says:

— It’s not just about the work, it’s about the people. The talented and helpful co-workers create a community where collaboration thrives, even when plates are full.

She shares that if she had to summarize Evitec’s working culture in one word, it would undoubtedly be “helpful.” The commitment to help each other and create customer value is the heartbeat of Evitec.

Henrika’s journey is not just a story – it’s a testament to Evitec’s commitment to nurturing talent, embracing innovation, and fostering a workplace where every individual thrives.

Henrika Hannula, Solution Architect

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