Database administrative tasks require specific expertise and resources from your in-house team; keeping up with the constantly evolving technologies can take a lot of time. That’s why outsourcing the day- to-day database server operations are often the most efficient way to go. 


Evitec Solutions’ DBA Services provide customer-centric solutions to fulfill all your needs — from full-service database operations to performance optimization, from problem solving to database planning, deployment and developing, as well as migration projects. 

Our designated team of database experts with decades of experience with complex database environments is well equipped to handle every challenge you may have.
The DBA team focuses mainly on Microsoft technologies but possesses the knowledge to operate with other technologies such as DB2 and MySQL.


  • You can fully outsource the care of the database operations.
  • Great understanding of your needs, especially in the finance and banking sector.
  • Evitec Solutions provides a worry-free experience with your data.
  • Operating model based on ITIL standard.


  • Possibility for 24/7 support (SLA dependent).
  • High-level technology expertise and service in the Finnish language.
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

Related technologies

  • MS SQL Server
  • Azure SQL
  • MySQL
  • DB2

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You can safely outsource your critical banking and insurance application operations to us. In addition to third-party products, we operate databases, integration platforms, data warehouses and have a high capacity for taking over tailor-made legacy applications.

Application operations

We currently manage over 100 critical banking, lending, wealth management and payment business applications with our team of technical and domain experts. 

We operate in service levels 2–4, excluding first-level end-user support, on-premises infrastructure operations and workstations. 

Our customer support serves you with extended service hours in Finnish and English. 

Our operations closely follow best practices in ITIL processes and have been audited by various third parties.

We offer support and maintenance services for tailored legacy customer applications. When taking over the custom-made software, we follow a structured process that covers:

  • Risk analysis to define the needed SLA
  • Documentation review and update if needed
  • Competence building – and making sure it develops constantly
  • Checking GDPR compliance
  • Technical capability – access rights, integrations, and monitoring
  • Working through incident, change and problem management, following ITSM
  • Communicating with businesses and vendors, such as providing information about of errors or improvements related to the service/applications
  • Escalation channels to the application vendor (if not Evitec Solutions), deploying updates and fixes, etc.


  • As a customer, you can outsource the care of the IT service.
  • Evitec Solutions provides a guarantee of the service functioning.
  • Operating model based on ITIL standards and practices.
  • ITSM and reporting tools.
  • Customed service according to your needs.


  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC).
  • No need to use your own resources to manage the systems.
  • High-level technology expertise and service in the Finnish language.
  • Incident, problem and change management.
  • Service request handling.
  • Minor development coordination. 
  • Competence in DBA and integration work.

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