15.04.2024 | Featured News

Evitec Solutions appoints Petri Syvänne as Chief Revenue Officer

Petri Syvänne, MSc(Econ), starts at Evitec Solutions on April 15 and becomes a management team member.

The appointment further reinforces the implementation of the company’s new strategy and working alongside customers as a trusted partner.

Petri Syvänne has an extensive career in IT and banking companies such as Tietoevry, Accenture, and Nordea. He joins Evitec Solutions after being a Senior Executive Advisor working with banking, payments, consulting, and IT companies.

– I am excited to join the Evitec team and contribute to our company’s new strategic vision as Chief Revenue Officer. I am already impressed by everybody’s drive and collaboration to achieve common goals, and I am thrilled to contribute to this inspiring journey, shares Petri Syvänne.

Evitec Solutions’ CEO Mikko Pilkama comments: – I’m pleased to welcome Petri to our team. His extensive banking, finance, and IT background is precisely the combination we were looking for to drive our new strategy forward. With Petri’s lead, I am confident we will enhance revenue generation through optimized processes and foster greater collaboration with partners.

The management team

Evitec Solutions’ management team will consist of CEO Mikko Pilkama, Pasi Lahti (Products), Perttu Heinonen (Services), Harri Inkinen (Compliance), Petri Syvänne (CRO), Janne Leppänen (CTO) and Henna Ylitalo (CPO).

Evitec Solutions is a Nordic expert in software solutions and consultation services for the finance sector with experience spanding over 30 years. We have more than 300 experts working in seven different cities: Espoo, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Pori, Tampere, Tallinn and Stockholm. Our shared interest in digitalisation and the financial sector coupled with our positive attitude and cheerful atmosphere unites us all.

12.04.2024 | Blog Featured Insurance

A flexible and modular IT solution is needed for today’s insurers

In a world where change is the only constant, insurance companies must adapt swiftly to meet the evolving needs of their customers as well as regulators. The landscape of insurance is shifting from one-size-fits-all solutions to personalized offerings tailored to individual needs.

Furthermore, another significant dynamic in the industry is the migration of old legacy systems to a new combined system. Therefore, a system must possess flexibility in the capability to adapt to the history of all older insurance policies, as well as the ability to grow and keep pace with the new demands of the business. Insurance companies can embrace this transformation and bloom in the digital age through five focus areas:

Adapting to individual needs

Today’s customers demand flexibility, convenience, transparency, and less bureaucracy in their insurance interactions. Insurance companies must offer affordable and flexible products that cater to the unique needs of each individual – all while managing the costs and effort required to stand out and deliver truly unique offerings in the market. Whether it’s life insurance, retirement planning, or protection against loss of income, customers seek products that not only provide financial security but also help them create wealth. Moreover, there’s an opportunity for life insurers to expand business into vertical markets, such as e.g. health insurance solutions, providing comprehensive coverage beyond solely fund accumulation.

Personalization – the new normal

Personalization is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. As digital behavior varies across different markets – in Sweden 68% research the product online and above 30% buy online, while in Spain, 52% use the internet to research the product online, but the online penetration is just below 1%[1] – insurance companies must tailor their services to individual preferences rather than relying on generalized group characteristics. Millennials, the primary digital insurance consumers, expect personalized experiences that resonate with their emotions and aspirations. Insurance companies can with a clear value proposition differentiate their offering and make themselves unique compared to other insurers, by e.g. offering attractive pricing, exceptional customer service or innovative approaches adapted to the needs of insurance buyers in a regulated market. This is not just an excellent mean to retain customers but also to attract new ones.

Unlock product innovation

The combination of digital transformation and customer-centricity is key to drive product innovation in the insurance industry. New technology with AI driven solutions offer a wealth of data to enrich customer understanding, drive product innovation, and refine pricing strategies. Moreover, they enable more precise underwriting, streamline claim processing, improved fraud detection, and mitigate risks effectively. According to a study from EY, customers are increasingly interested in usage-based insurance policies, as much as 69%, and simplified products that offer clear benefits[2]. Insurers must leverage digital channels to design and launch products efficiently, providing seamless and personalized experiences that keep customers engaged. Add-on features allow consumers to customize their protections according to their specific needs, further enhancing the value proposition.

Boost agility through cloud

Agility is crucial for insurers to keep pace with customer expectations and technological advancements. Embracing Insurtech solutions and migrating to the cloud can provide insurers with the flexibility and innovation capabilities needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. EY research underscores this shift, revealing that nearly half (49%) of the European insurers aspire to migrate the majority (≥80%) of their operations to the cloud, aiming to boost efficiency and adaptability[3]. Furthermore, as insurers digitize and automate operations, they gain opportunities to collaborate with external partners through ecosystems and joint ventures. Digital transformation not only streamlines processes but also unlocks new possibilities for innovation and partnership.

Cost optimization through technology

Each year, insurers face mounting regulatory pressures. The EU’s latest framework, DORA, emphasizes cybersecurity and operational resilience, impacting insurers and their technology partners alike. The evolving compliance landscape requires more than just patching legacy systems, it demands proactive measures to meet stringent requirements.

Cost optimization is not just about reducing labor costs, it’s also about leveraging technology to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Automating administrative tasks and modernizing legacy systems are critical steps in driving cost efficiencies. Recent research from PwC reveals that insurers typically allocate 70% of their IT budget to maintaining legacy systems, with expenses increasing as these systems age[4]. Cloud migration presents a cost-effective solution for insurers, speeds time to market, offering scalability, reduced maintenance costs, and opportunities for innovation. Moreover, optimizing costs includes recognizing the value contributed by people and teams, empowering them with technology to focus on higher-value tasks. The Society of Actuaries report found that market leaders launch new products 33% faster than the average – all thanks to modern technology.[5]

Empowering insurance with Evitec Solutions Life

At Evitec Solutions, we understand the evolving landscape of insurance, and we’re committed to lead the way towards a future focused on customer-centricity. Introducing Evitec Solutions Life – an innovative insurance platform designed to adapt seamlessly to the diverse needs of today’s customers.

Our platform is built on the principles of flexibility and modularity, offering insurers an extensible solution for a competitive edge. With Evitec Solutions Life, insurance companies can experience smoother management, enhanced customer experiences, and efficiency in product portfolio handling.

In conclusion, the future of insurance lies in embracing digital transformation, personalization, and agility. By understanding and adapting to the shifting needs of customers, insurance companies can innovate, thrive, and deliver value in an increasingly competitive market landscape. It’s time to navigate tomorrow with confidence and resilience, shape the future of insurance for everyone’s benefit.


[1] Swiss Re Institute, 2020

[2] EY Global Insurance Consumer and Small Business Owner Surveys, 2020

[3] EY European Insurance Cloud Adoption Index, 2021

[4] PwC, A Perspective on Modernising Insurance Legacy Systems, 2020

[5] Society of Actuaries, Understanding the Product Development Process of Individual Life Insurance and Annuity Companies, 2017

Written by

Fadi Hannah

Product Marketing Manager

02.04.2024 | Featured News

Evitec Solutions strengthens its management by appointing Janne Leppänen as Chief Technology Officer and Henna Ylitalo as Chief People Officer

Janne Leppänen (BEng, MBA) and Henna Ylitalo (M.Soc.Sc. & M.Sc.Econ&BA) start at Evitec Solutions on April 1st and become members of the management team.

The appointments further reinforce the implementation of the company’s new strategy and working alongside customers as a trusted partner.

Henna Ylitalo has an extensive career in developing HR, having successfully driven strategic change within a specialized IT organization. Henna joins Evitec Solutions’ from Epical.

– I’m thrilled to be part of Evitec Solutions’ great growth story. Working alongside the dedicated team, I aim to bring our new strategy and culture to life. Emotional intelligence, coaching-based leadership and inclusion are topics close to my heart, and I want to drive the company’s strategy forward by collaborating, listening and being inspired together by our common goals, shares Henna Ylitalo.

Janne Leppänen is a seasoned ICT professional with a background in various development and leadership roles in R&D and software development teams. Janne joins Evitec Solutions’ from SD Worx.

– I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to join Evitec Solutions. We have a refreshed strategy focusing on cloud adoption and I with my experience from digital transformation, building SaaS business model, and transition to the cloud, I’m sure we’re able to achieve the goals, tells Janne Leppänen.

Evitec Solutions’ CEO Mikko Pilkama shares: – I’m pleased that both Janne and Henna seized the opportunity and are joining our journey. While thinking of the people side, I am confident that we can achieve the objectives with Henna’s lead: attracting and retaining top talent, promoting balanced leadership, and enhancing our employer brand. Janne brings the experience we need to become a genuine SaaS & Cloud operations expert in the market.

The future management team

From the beginning of April, Evitec Solutions’ management team will consist of CEO Mikko Pilkama, Pasi Lahti (Products), Perttu Heinonen (Services), Harri Inkinen (Compliance), Janne Leppänen (CTO) and Henna Ylitalo (CPO).

Evitec Solutions is a Nordic expert in software solutions and consultation services for the finance sector with experience spanding over 30 years. We have more than 300 experts working in seven different cities: Espoo, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Pori, Tampere, Tallinn and Stockholm. Our shared interest in digitalisation and the financial sector coupled with our positive attitude and cheerful atmosphere unites us all.

01.03.2024 | Featured News

Evitec is now Evitec Solutions

The name supports company’s strategic journey and ambitions.

The new name Evitec Solutions not only support our strategic goals for product and service sales but also sets us apart more effectively from international competitors by conveying a clearer message of what we offer to our customers.

– We announced our new strategy at the end of 2023 and this is a natural continuation of the implementation journey. Together with the name change we also updated our product names. The change does not affect on our customers, we continue to provide unique business value through solutions we provide to them. I am excited about the future and look forward to continuing to work closely with our current and new customers as their long-term partner when they modernize the solutions to be future proof, says CEO Mikko Pilkama.

Contact information

E-mail addresses (firstname.lastname@evitec.com), our company’s business ID and billing information will remain unchanged. 

18.01.2024 | Featured News

Evitec Solutions attains Microsoft Solutions Partner recognition, elevating technological excellence in cloud, data and AI

Evitec Solutions, a leading IT solutions provider in the Nordic financial sector, is thrilled to announce that it has achieved the prestigious Microsoft Solutions Partner recognition in Data & AI, as well as in Digital & App Innovation, effective starting January 9th, 2024. This highlights Evitec’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions and reinforcing its position as an industry innovator.

Microsoft Solutions Partners demonstrate the highest, most specialized capability to meet customer needs across multiple systems, modernizing existing applications, and building cloud-native apps and AI solutions. Attaining Microsoft Solutions partner status is a testament to Evitec Solutions’ expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies to drive digital transformation and enhance business operations.

This elevated status is a result of Evitec Solutions’ continuous dedication to technical proficiency, and the ability to meet the evolving needs of its customers in the financial sector.

Mikko Pilkama, CEO of Evitec Solutions, is enthusiastic about this achievement: 

— Earning Microsoft Solutions partner recognition reflects our commitment to providing innovations in finance to our customers. This recognition not only validates our technical expertise but also strengthens Evitec Solutions’ position as a strategic partner for the Nordic banks and insurance companies seeking innovation and efficiency through SaaS business model and cloud-based solutions, combined with AI and human insight. 

Evitec remains dedicated to creating inspiring innovations in finance. The Microsoft Solutions Partnership further strengthens Evitec Solutions’ ability to deliver seamless, user-friendly, and accessible digital solutions to the largest financial sector institutions in the Nordics.

19.12.2023 | Blog Featured

Inspiring innovations in finance

It’s a well-known fact that the first 100 days of a new CEO is the timeline one should formulate a perception of the company’s key stakeholders, customers and the business. My first 100 days has passed for some time ago so it might be good to enlighten the journey so far.

During my first months in the company, I’ve had the privilege to meet not only the fantastic personnel at our offices but also all our biggest customers. Through the discussions I have gained valuable information about our cooperation and how our long-term partnerships truly are created.

But even good cooperation requires continuous development. Therefore, after summer holidays we carried out a customer satisfaction survey and, in that survey, it was highlighted that cloud transformation is ongoing at ever increasing pace and SaaS as a business model is a must for all software vendors. In ever increasing regulatory burden, customers seek for proactive partners who do not only deliver what is asked for but act as a challenger and sparring partners. In addition, survey also indicated areas where we need to improve ourselves such as being more innovative and outgoing with our solutions.

These highlights and development areas served as a valuable source when the company’s new strategic direction was updated this fall. Together with that our vision was defined; “Inspiring innovations in finance” refers to the fact how our innovative offering leads the way to a more sustainable society.

Long-term partnerships

What we as a vendor want to do is to energetically continue into productizing our offering as well as delivering these solutions at faster pace. In terms of talent, we will continue to have the top-notch technical expertise but what sets us apart is how our experts communicate with our customers and understand their business.

We have great ingredients for our future path: the financial services business & IT systems knowledge in our people and the exceptional product offering that combines own solutions and high-quality consulting services in our home markets Finland, Sweden and the Baltics.

Thank you for your trust in Evitec Solutions this year. Even though the economy remains partly unknown for what’s to happen in the year 2024, we continue to work closely with you and work hard to exceed your expectations.

I wish our customers and partners a peaceful Holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

Written by

Mikko Pilkama


13.11.2023 | Featured News

Evitec Solutions announces cloud strategy: “Inspiring innovations in finance.”

Evitec Solutions has today announced its refreshed strategy focusing on working alongside customers as a trusted partner to enable their digital transformation journey and transition to the cloud.

– The Evitec group has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. It’s essential in this kind of business where customers expect us to deliver seamless, user-friendly and accessible digital solutions. We need to meet these expectations by combining our business and technological expertise with the latest cloud-based technologies and SaaS business model, states Evitec Solutions’ CEO Mikko Pilkama.

– Our customers are moving their solutions to the cloud while having to maintain their focus on regulatory and ESG changes in the coming years. We are moving into an era where a SaaS business model option is a must for even the biggest financial institutions while they are planning to optimate the number of vendors due to these regulatory changes. Evitec Solutions aims to build on this by investing more resources into productizing our offering as well as attracting and developing the best talent in the fintech industry, Pilkama continues.

Finland, Nordics and Europe

Evitec Solutions’ customers are the largest financial sector institutions in Finland and Sweden. Evitec’s aim is to serve them through the technical solution modernisation for optimal efficiency and ability to bring out new services to the market.

– Some of our offerings, like the covered bonds solution, have great potential also outside the Nordics, states Pilkama.

Evitec Solutions’ mission and vision

The company’s mission is to modernise its customers’ businesses by combining technology with human insight, with the vision “Inspiring innovations in finance”.

Evitec Solutions’ unique strengths describe how we create value for our current and future customers. By having deep understanding of our customers’ business as well as the local regulatory environment, our offerings combine both products and services to provide a unique value proposition to customers as their long-term trusted partner.

Evitec Solutions’ values underline our status as a trusted partner in the financial sector: from person to person, passion and curiosity to learn, joy and desire to help.

– We’re at the start of our next chapter of the Evitec Solutions journey. We have a great potential to combine the technical and business acumen with our productized solutions to provide unique business value to our customers, both for existing and new ones. I am excited about the future and look forward to continue to work closely with our customers as they modernise their digital solutions, ends Pilkama.

For further information, please contact:
Evitec Solutions, CEO Mikko Pilkama, Tel. +358 9 681 731

Evitec Solutions is a Nordic expert in software solutions and consultation services for the finance sector. Analytics and data management services are available across multiple sectors. We are a bold innovator and a challenger. Our expertise stems from the deep and long-standing cooperation with our customers for over 30 years. We have offices in Espoo, Tampere, Pori, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Tallinn and Stockholm. The number of employees is over 300.

20.10.2023 | Blog Featured Insights

Our core values will remain untouched – while the journey continues

We might wonder sometime what life is all about – or at least I do every now and then. Some say its meaningless, while some are seizing the moment and maximize it in best possible way.

My name is Fadi Hannah, and I am 41 years old and work as a product marketer at Evitec. I am a father of 2 younger boys, who keeps me busy. Most parents with younger children will recognise themselves without me needing to explain anything further, but just nodding with a smile – that is what I do at least.

Let us re-tape 50 years back to give a better context. My parents were born in Syria and moved to Lebanon when they were teenagers to work in my grandfather’s small meat shop. The Lebanese civil war started, and my parents escaped it to protect us children to give us a second chance.
During my lifetime I have developed through my environment – but some things have not changed within myself – which are my core values which I was raised up with and taught by my parents. One of those is to always be real and truthful – both to myself as well as towards others – since that will make me stand firm, independent on how strong the wind is.

I started at Evitec in August 2023, and this is my 4th company I work at during my 15 years of professional life. I have been at a very large company that is much older than my grandparents – who managed to become 104 years before passing away – but also a company which is in the same age as my boy – who is 4 years old – as well as in between (not as old as I am – but close enough).

What is it with Evitec as a company that keeps me smiling?

We work 8 hours per day, we sleep in average 8 hours per day, we commute in average 1 hour per day, and it remains less hours for our spare time compared to our working day. Of course it is important to have a passion for your work, to enjoy the accompany of your colleagues and have fruitful discussions or whatever you feel is important to you.

I feel incredibly lucky, I have a great coaching manager, great colleagues (both physically and virtually), as well as interesting and challenging work tasks – my three magic wishes are fulfilled!

Evitec is a Nordic expert in software solutions and consultation services for the finance sector with over 30 years of history. I am grateful to be part of a company that creates social change while it is transforming the financial sector by offering a wide range of customized services and software solutions, partnering with professionals in banking, life and pensions insurance and asset management.

The importance to be innovative

The core values of Evitec since day of birth is always to be customer-centric, innovative, and building long-lasting partnerships. This was also declared and highlighted in the outcome from our customer experience survey that was carried out earlier this year – ranked as one of the top 3 advantages, where some of our customers have been part of our journey since day 1. This shows the solid partnership with a strong unity growing together.

We create customer value by solving their pain points which is then delivered through our products and services. In addition, this is an ongoing process, since today’s problem will look different from tomorrow, as well for different customers. The business landscape is evolving, and technology is moving at breakneck pace. But some things will not change and instead remain – the backbone and values of the company. It is like the DNA (the nature) within each species. It is impossible – at least as of today – to manipulate or re-program it in an already existing creature. But there are ways to adjust to the environment (the nurture) – while keeping the nature intact – and instead, adapting the nurture which will foster the individuals’ attributes. The importance of adoption to our environment for our survival, was also highlighted by Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory with “survival of the fittest.”

Sweden was ranked as top 3 innovative countries in the world this year, for the 16th consecutive year, according to the WIPO global innovation index. But what does it mean to be innovative?

I discussed this topic with a few colleagues as well as consulting with ChatGPT to get as many angles as possible and ended up that it is to actively seek and implement new ideas, processes, products, or services that create value, solve problems, and differentiate it from competitors – which ties back to Evitec’s core values.

Innovation is the lifeblood, the DNA, of a thriving company, regardless of its age. Innovation is not a destination – it is a journey that requires commitment, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace change. But some things never change – where our core values will remain untouched – while we continue our journey.

Written by

Fadi Hannah

Product Marketing Manager

15.09.2023 | Blog Featured Insights Technology

Microsoft Fabric: Insights and Considerations from Our Customers

It has been almost four months since Microsoft Fabric entered preview at the end of May. Conversations with our customers have shown a significant level of interest and raised expectations surrounding this offering. Let us explore the reasons behind this interest based on our discussions with customers and address essential considerations for those thinking about adopting it.

Solving Traditional Problems

Interest in Microsoft Fabric primarily arises from its ability to tackle familiar challenges in cloud infrastructure management. Fabric simplifies complex cloud data infrastructures, previously composed of multiple services and platforms, into a unified SaaS service. This consolidation also extends to pricing, offering a more straightforward and clear cost structure. We will go into the pricing model in more detail shortly.

Data Science and Machine Learning Capabilities

Many of our customers are intrigued by Fabric’s built-in data science capabilities. Some have already advanced analytics solutions in their current environment and are eager to explore what Fabric could add to their toolkit. Others have focused on traditional business intelligence but are now considering taking their data-driven business further. Microsoft Fabric’s Synapse Data Science integration brings these capabilities to the forefront, and customers recognize the value of having these tools as part of the Fabric package.

Navigating Concerns

While the interest in Microsoft Fabric is apparent, it is not without its share of questions and concerns. One of the foremost considerations is the maturity level of the product. Given its brief time in the preview phase and the absence of an official release date, customers understandably question its readiness for production use. Moreover, there are still some rough edges in the product that need to be addressed before the official release. Fortunately, familiar tools like Data Factory, Power BI, and Synapse Tools retain their user experience within Fabric, eliminating the need to learn their usage from scratch.

Pricing and Capacity Management

There are few licensing options in the Fabric Preview, affecting Power BI and sharing capabilities, but in the base is a time-based billing (per second with a minimum of one minute) for provisioned compute – Fabric capacity. Pricing varies by region and capacity size.

Currently, only a pay-as-you-go model is available, but a reserved capacity pricing model is in the works. Additionally, OneLake storage is billed at a pay-as-you-go rate. As the costs are generated per used time when the capacity is on, for efficient cost management it is important to close the capacity when it is not needed either manually, or through automation. If Fabric eventually offers internal auto-pause functionality for capacity, this concern will be alleviated. In the meantime, at Evitec, we have developed an automated solution to pause capacity when not in use.

Let us get back to the question of having enough capacity – computing power – for your organization. In the simplest scenario, the entire organization can use a single capacity for all their needs in Fabric. When you start using Fabric, it is a good idea to begin with the smallest capacity and increase it as necessary. As your use of Fabric grows and your organization’s needs become more diverse, you might need to scale up the capacity.

Now, it is important to understand another fundamental term in Microsoft Fabric: workspaces. Workspaces function as containers for Fabric items and can be created for example based on different business domains – this decision is up to your organization. Each workspace is associated with a capacity, and multiple workspaces can share a single capacity. However, as your usage and use-cases become more varied, your organization might want to have multiple capacities of different sizes available for different purposes. In other words, you can have different levels of computing power at your disposal.

Changing the capacity that a workspace uses is a straightforward process. Based on the increased need for capacity within a specific workspace, such as heavy calculations, you can temporarily or permanently scale up the capacity of that workspace. The following illustration demonstrates how your organization’s Fabric capacity and workspaces might evolve as your experience with Fabric grows.

Security and Region Availability

Security is paramount in data solutions, and many companies have strict policies about data storage locations. Currently, Fabric Preview is not available in all regions. For example, as of writing this blog, the closest regions to Finland offering Fabric Preview are Western Europe and Eastern Norway. We hope that region availability will expand when Microsoft releases the official version. However, if a company policy dictates a specific region not currently supporting Fabric Preview, it may raise concerns about considering Fabric as an option.

Migration Strategy Dependant on Current Data Environments

Customer situations regarding their current data solutions vary greatly. Some rely solely on Excel-based reporting, while others maintain on-premises data warehouses, and some have extensive experience with cloud-based data solutions. These varying starting points influence their needs and questions concerning Fabric.

For those migrating from on-premises environments to the cloud, Microsoft Fabric provides a straightforward option, albeit requiring a clean slate approach. In contrast, businesses with existing cloud environments seek to understand how Fabric complements their current stack and its potential for hybrid solutions. The starting point of each customer significantly influences the migration effort required. Due to Fabric’s one-copy data approach, development should be faster compared to previous cloud migrations.


Microsoft Fabric has garnered significant interest and raised expectations among our customers. Its ability to simplify cloud infrastructure management, offer powerful data science capabilities, and address traditional challenges is compelling. However, it is essential to address concerns around product maturity, pricing, capacity management, security, and region availability before making a decision.

We at Evitec Solutions are excited about the potential that Microsoft Fabric brings to the world of data and analytics and look forward to its continued evolution.

Written by

Henni Niiranen

Data Consultant

01.09.2023 | Featured Finance News

Evitec Covered Bonds 2.0 released – major technology upgrade now available

Evitec announces the availability of Evitec Covered Bonds Release 2.0. With major technology upgrade, new features, and improvements, covered bonds issuers and institutions using Evitec Covered Bonds stay up to date in terms of legislation, regulations, and reporting requirements.

New features include:

  • issuance process module 
  • potential search module 
  • design tool module 
  • support for green pools and bonds 
  • improved criteria engine 
  • more extensive pool data archive 
  • modern cloud-based architecture 
  • enhanced security features 

With new features in place, institutions engaged in mortgage banking lessen their operational risk and ensure new requirements, EU directives and regulations are always met.

— We now have 6 out of 10 banks in Finland as our customers, so it’s only natural that we now set our sights towards rest of Europe, says Head of International Business Development, Tino Silfver.

— As the finance industry is going through a cloud transition, the new version of our market-leading Covered Bonds solution will give years of cost-efficient, agile operation, says Head of products Janne Takala.

Evitec Covered Bonds automates reporting and other crucial processes. Solution can also be used by covered bonds issuers in their transition towards greener future. Evitec Covered Bonds makes available reporting dashboards that provide information how green a bond pool is based on chosen framework. In the future, information about sustainable bonds will be made available.

Evitec attends European Covered Bonds Council 33rd Plenary meeting in Munich on 13th September.

See also our Customer stories.

Have a question?

For more information please contact:

Tino Silfver

Financial & Industry Solutions

+358 40 828 9963