20.06.2023 | Featured News

Evitec publishes Sustainability Report 2022

Evitec’s Sustainability Report of 2022 is now published. The report includes statements of commitment from our CSO, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, reflection on our Sustainability Values, our EcoVadis score and action plan, and details about our Sustainability Journey from the time period of 2022.

As the world around us turns and evolves, we strive to be a part of the positive change, or the Sustainability Revolution, as we like to refer to it. Our Sustainability Report serves as a testament to us constantly working toward a smarter, stronger, and more sustainable tomorrow.

As our CEO, Mikko Pilkama, states in his commitment letter:

— There is no better moment than this to start building a more sustainable, and a more prosperous world for all of us.

Read more about our sustainability work and motivation in the newly published report.