19.12.2023 | Blog Featured

Inspiring innovations in finance

It’s a well-known fact that the first 100 days of a new CEO is the timeline one should formulate a perception of the company’s key stakeholders, customers and the business. My first 100 days has passed for some time ago so it might be good to enlighten the journey so far.

During my first months in the company, I’ve had the privilege to meet not only the fantastic personnel at our offices but also all our biggest customers. Through the discussions I have gained valuable information about our cooperation and how our long-term partnerships truly are created.

But even good cooperation requires continuous development. Therefore, after summer holidays we carried out a customer satisfaction survey and, in that survey, it was highlighted that cloud transformation is ongoing at ever increasing pace and SaaS as a business model is a must for all software vendors. In ever increasing regulatory burden, customers seek for proactive partners who do not only deliver what is asked for but act as a challenger and sparring partners. In addition, survey also indicated areas where we need to improve ourselves such as being more innovative and outgoing with our solutions.

These highlights and development areas served as a valuable source when the company’s new strategic direction was updated this fall. Together with that our vision was defined; “Inspiring innovations in finance” refers to the fact how our innovative offering leads the way to a more sustainable society.

Long-term partnerships

What we as a vendor want to do is to energetically continue into productizing our offering as well as delivering these solutions at faster pace. In terms of talent, we will continue to have the top-notch technical expertise but what sets us apart is how our experts communicate with our customers and understand their business.

We have great ingredients for our future path: the financial services business & IT systems knowledge in our people and the exceptional product offering that combines own solutions and high-quality consulting services in our home markets Finland, Sweden and the Baltics.

Thank you for your trust in Evitec Solutions this year. Even though the economy remains partly unknown for what’s to happen in the year 2024, we continue to work closely with you and work hard to exceed your expectations.

I wish our customers and partners a peaceful Holiday season and a prosperous New Year!