20.10.2023 | Blog Featured Insights

Our core values will remain untouched – while the journey continues

We might wonder sometime what life is all about – or at least I do every now and then. Some say its meaningless, while some are seizing the moment and maximize it in best possible way.

My name is Fadi Hannah, and I am 41 years old and work as a product marketer at Evitec. I am a father of 2 younger boys, who keeps me busy. Most parents with younger children will recognise themselves without me needing to explain anything further, but just nodding with a smile – that is what I do at least.

Let us re-tape 50 years back to give a better context. My parents were born in Syria and moved to Lebanon when they were teenagers to work in my grandfather’s small meat shop. The Lebanese civil war started, and my parents escaped it to protect us children to give us a second chance.
During my lifetime I have developed through my environment – but some things have not changed within myself – which are my core values which I was raised up with and taught by my parents. One of those is to always be real and truthful – both to myself as well as towards others – since that will make me stand firm, independent on how strong the wind is.

I started at Evitec in August 2023, and this is my 4th company I work at during my 15 years of professional life. I have been at a very large company that is much older than my grandparents – who managed to become 104 years before passing away – but also a company which is in the same age as my boy – who is 4 years old – as well as in between (not as old as I am – but close enough).

What is it with Evitec as a company that keeps me smiling?

We work 8 hours per day, we sleep in average 8 hours per day, we commute in average 1 hour per day, and it remains less hours for our spare time compared to our working day. Of course it is important to have a passion for your work, to enjoy the accompany of your colleagues and have fruitful discussions or whatever you feel is important to you.

I feel incredibly lucky, I have a great coaching manager, great colleagues (both physically and virtually), as well as interesting and challenging work tasks – my three magic wishes are fulfilled!

Evitec is a Nordic expert in software solutions and consultation services for the finance sector with over 30 years of history. I am grateful to be part of a company that creates social change while it is transforming the financial sector by offering a wide range of customized services and software solutions, partnering with professionals in banking, life and pensions insurance and asset management.

The importance to be innovative

The core values of Evitec since day of birth is always to be customer-centric, innovative, and building long-lasting partnerships. This was also declared and highlighted in the outcome from our customer experience survey that was carried out earlier this year – ranked as one of the top 3 advantages, where some of our customers have been part of our journey since day 1. This shows the solid partnership with a strong unity growing together.

We create customer value by solving their pain points which is then delivered through our products and services. In addition, this is an ongoing process, since today’s problem will look different from tomorrow, as well for different customers. The business landscape is evolving, and technology is moving at breakneck pace. But some things will not change and instead remain – the backbone and values of the company. It is like the DNA (the nature) within each species. It is impossible – at least as of today – to manipulate or re-program it in an already existing creature. But there are ways to adjust to the environment (the nurture) – while keeping the nature intact – and instead, adapting the nurture which will foster the individuals’ attributes. The importance of adoption to our environment for our survival, was also highlighted by Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory with “survival of the fittest.”

Sweden was ranked as top 3 innovative countries in the world this year, for the 16th consecutive year, according to the WIPO global innovation index. But what does it mean to be innovative?

I discussed this topic with a few colleagues as well as consulting with ChatGPT to get as many angles as possible and ended up that it is to actively seek and implement new ideas, processes, products, or services that create value, solve problems, and differentiate it from competitors – which ties back to Evitec’s core values.

Innovation is the lifeblood, the DNA, of a thriving company, regardless of its age. Innovation is not a destination – it is a journey that requires commitment, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace change. But some things never change – where our core values will remain untouched – while we continue our journey.

Written by

Fadi Hannah

Product Marketing Manager