19.06.2024 | Blog Featured

Understand the Past, Eyes firmly on the Future

The first half of the year 2024 is soon behind us and the general market turbulence remains. When times are uncertain it is more important than ever to focus on delivering best-class services and products to our customers. Being the partner, they can rely on and taking their business to the next level.

We recently carried out a customer experience survey, which is done quarterly to our biggest customers. We received very good and improved scoring on the ease of collaboration, genuine partnership, flexibility, customer focus and agility. The majority felt that we stand out positively from our competitors. The thing I’m personally happy about is that most of the things that were reflected in the survey are marked as unique strengths in our strategy: being the expert, the local player, having knowledge of both solutions and services, being known from great co-operation and being the long-term partner for our customers. Of course, there’s always things to improve, such as making sure that knowledge transfers between teams and individuals, ensuring smooth system operation and innovativeness, which is in the very core of our business.

The first half of the year has been defined by various major achievements: we attained Information Security Management certificate ISO 27001 standard and received a Silver Medal in EcoVadis’ sustainability rating. Like stated in our Sustainability report 2023, “In the fintech industry, the commitment to sustainable practices continues to grow, with banks and insurance companies increasingly prioritizing the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into their core strategies.” The same themes apply also in our business and is the reason why sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. A concrete example is our Bonds product for banks and mortgage lenders. The regulation in this area is complex whether it’s green bonds, social bonds or green covered bonds, and our job is to ensure that our customers are able to meet these requirements in the best possible way.

Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you team Evitec. During the first half we’ve been visiting all our sites twice to talk about the mission and vision, our new organization and culture & values, but most importantly to meet all of you. The tour has proven that we need active two-way dialogue now and in the future. To further support the active dialogue, we’re establishing an internal Strategy Steering Group that follows the market, technology developments and develops our strategy accordingly further based on the inputs. Strategies are always implemented through people, otherwise it would just be a ppt. plan, is it not?

I wish all of you, our customers and partners a sunny and relaxing summertime!

Written by

Mikko Pilkama