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Exploring the Potential of Microsoft Fabric: Insights from Developers

Microsoft Fabric stands as a powerful data platform bringing together technologies like Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI into a unified service. It empowers data and business experts to harness their data, preparing them for the AI era. Fabric is AI-driven, introducing Copilot almost at every level ensuring customers realize the full value of their data.

At Evitec Solutions, we share in the excitement surrounding Microsoft Fabric. This platform has gotten attention from our customers due to its ability to streamline cloud infrastructure management, provide advanced data science features, and address common challenges in data and analytics development. We anticipate continual improvement in Fabric’s capabilities and eagerly explore its potential in the data and analytics domain.

Joona Paronen & Henni Niiranen

Examples of Microsoft Fabric projects

Lately, we had a chance to talk with two Evitec Solutions’ Data & Analytics Consultants, Henni Niiranen and Joona Paronen, who have been actively engaged with Microsoft Fabric. They told us about their experiences, difficulties, and learnings on working with Fabric. Henni has been involved in couple of Fabric projects, including a proof-of-concept for a financial sector company.

Henni describes her projects:

– I’ve had the opportunity to approach Fabric projects from various angles, including a proof-of-concept project with a major player in the financial sector. Together with the customer we’ve been exploring the capabilities of Fabri and planning implementations. Currently, we’re collaborating with Microsoft to assess the broad environment capacity requirements. It’s been a very interesting experience.

Meanwhile, Joona has been immersed in development work with the city of Sastamala, culminating in his recent completion of the esteemed Microsoft Fabric certification program. The program is not the easiest to complete, which means completion requires deep knowledge of the Fabric technology.

Joona reflects his project work:

 – I’m quite happy with our project on remote water meters. Leveraging new technology to streamline data processing has been both challenging and rewarding. Working with Fabric presents some considerations, especially regarding information security. Nonetheless, seeing results and a happy customer has been so nice.

Feedback from customers and new ways of thinking

The feedback from Fabric projects has been positive, with customers recognizing its potential to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. While some concerns regarding maturity of the technology are understandable, the advantages of Fabric, such as its scalability, flexibility, pricing, AI support, innovation and the fact that it wraps so many different components to one service, are undeniably compelling.

Henni reflects on the challenges:

– New technology demands a shift in mindset, and Microsoft Fabric is no exception. While concerns about maturity are valid, Fabric provides a new way of doing things with many benefits.  Fabric gives a possibility to speed up the implementation of basic data processing tasks, so our customers can focus on more advanced analytics and insights.

Joona agrees:

– It’s logical to delegate routine tasks to automation and AI, freeing up human resources to tackle more complex challenges.

Evitec Solutions is proud to hold Microsoft Solutions Partner recognition in Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation. This recognition underscores our commitment to partnering with clients to explore new solutions with emerging technologies and establish best practices collaboratively.

In conclusion, Microsoft Fabric represents a significant leap forward in data and analytics capabilities. With its robust features and AI-driven approach, Fabric holds promise for businesses seeking to harness the power of their data effectively. At Evitec Solutions, we are dedicated to guiding our customers through the adoption and implementation of Fabric, ensuring they maximize its potential for driving innovation and growth.

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