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The power of GitHub Copilot – Tommi and Timi unveil their journey with Evitec Solutions Power Lending

Tommi Haapa, software developer & IT consultant and Timi Voutilainen, Team Manager & IT consultant

At Evitec, success stories are written not just in code but in the unique narratives of its team members, and together they share more than just a manager-employee relationship.

— I’ve found the perfect balance between creative freedom and structure here at Evitec, shares Tommi Haapa, software developer & IT consultant, whose daily tasks are dominated by coding, while Timi Voutilainen, a Team Manager & IT consultant, divides his time between coding, customer interactions, and problem-solving.

Tommi, with over 2 years of experience at Evitec Solutions, has been instrumental in the development of Evitec Solutions Power Lending. Graduating as a business information technology student from Espoo, his journey began as a student and evolved into a key member.

Timi, with more than 5 years at Evitec, started as a student and now leads a team of 12, including Tommi. Timi, who once mentored Tommi, emphasizes the growth opportunities at Evitec, mentioning his own ventures into projects like wealth management.

Enabling sustainability by revolutionizing coding efficiency

In the dynamic world of coding, Tommi and Timi recently welcomed a new ally – GitHub Copilot. This AI tool, designed for developers, has become an integral part of their daily routine, offering more than just predictive input. It speeds up code writing, identifies potential bugs, and even suggests solutions, reducing the time spent on manual coding, among other things.

— It’s roughly 50% faster to write new code with GitHub Copilot, making our coding journey more efficient and enjoyable” remarks Timi, while Tommi agrees by nodding his head and adds:

—It becomes your personal and tailored mentor, suggesting alternative approaches and efficient solutions.

Tommi is envisioning Copilot as a valuable sparring partner or a “modern day developer duck”. The duo believes it not only accelerates the learning curve for juniors but also provides a stress-reducing, well-being-enhancing environment.

However, both acknowledge the importance of maintaining a balance and not becoming too dependent on the tool. Timi wisely notes:

— You need to know what you’re doing, otherwise this tool will only backfire your work.

Looking ahead, Tommi and Timi foresee GitHub Copilot as a valuable tool for both junior and senior developers. While it enhances autonomy, they stress the importance of asking specific questions for reliable results. The tool’s role as a complement, rather than a replacement, is emphasized to maintain a balance between efficiency and personal knowledge growth.

At Evitec Solutions, we have been developing guidelines for AI usage and we recognize the importance of using AI tools like GitHub Copilot in a responsible way. These tools can help us improve our productivity and efficiency, but the human user always has the final responsibility for the output. It is crucial to carefully review, verify, and test all work done with the help of AI to make sure that it meets the expected standards and is error-free. By using AI responsibly, we can ensure that our work is of the best quality and that we uphold our commitment to social responsibility.

Where technology and humanity converge

In this evolving landscape, Evitec’s work culture shines. Tommi and Timi paint a picture of a positive atmosphere where collaboration thrives, and challenges are met collectively.

— There’s no blame-culture, we’re all in the same boat. If someone has a problem, we immediately support and try to solve it together by fixing the root cause and the process, says Timi, capturing the essence of a workplace that fosters growth, innovation, and genuine friendship.

In the future our use of AI might not be limited to just creating code, but we are also looking for other innovative ways to enhance our products and services. At Evitec, we believe that the responsible use of AI in our products can greatly improve efficiency and productivity, while also contributing to a better customer experience.

Timi Voutilainen, Team Manager & IT consultant
Tommi Haapa, software developer & IT consultant

Tommi Haapa, software developer & IT consultant and Timi Voutilainen, Team Manager & IT consultant

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