Data Masking

Application development and testing are often outsourced to partners and development and testing teams. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation sets certain requirements for the processing of confidential data, which our data masking solution meets, making everything easy for you


Evitec Solutions’ data masking solution comprises two parts: encryption of confidential data when creating test material and refreshment of test material using encrypted material. The solution can be deployed for the encryption of test material, or it can be extended to cover the refreshment of the test material.

Our data masking solution is always adapted to the environment in question, so that it understands the underlying data structures. This way, the test material can be refreshed one subset at a time, even at the level of a single customer ID, product key or event interval, depending on the specific testing needs.

The test engineers use a simple interface to define the desired test material, based on which the system extracts the material for use.


  • To fulfil the regulatory requirements set by authorities when using personal data.
  • To mask trade secrets in test material, also.
  • The solution can be part of your continuous services.


  • A centralized environment for masked data.
  • Integrations after masking are simple to implement.
  • Masking rules are simple to implement and maintain, transparency for users.
  • The solution is easily expandable.
  • Tables and data sources can be added when needed.

Related technologies

  • SQL Server
  • SSIS
  • BIML

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